What you need to know about H20

If the thought of drinking water makes you want to gag, hear me out. Drinking water is crucial to our health and here are 3 of the top benefits to drinking water, and a few recipes on how to infuse your water to make it taste a lot better. 


#1 – Drinking water is the absolute best way to stay hydrated. 

Staying hydrated is so important. It aids in weight loss, helps your body to perform at its optimal level, especially during exercising.


#2 Drinking water flushes your body of waste, keeps you regular and healthy.  Drinking water regulates your temperature and is needed in producing sweat, and in the removal of urine and feces from the body aka waste. 


#3 Drinking water significantly boosts skin health and beauty. Since I started competing this year, I really understand the importance of water and what it does to your body, muscles, mind AND skin!! Personally, my skin is so much clearer than it used to be. And, talk about soft, I have not used an ounce of moisturizer on my skin – face or body since January and it feels so soft to touch. 


How much should you be drinking? 

To start off you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces per day. For top performing athletes who workout 2-3+ hours per day should be drinking 4 litres per day at minimum. 


How do you know if you’re hydrated?

One sure sign is the colour of your urine. The clearer the urine the more hydrated you are.


A side note to flight attendants: being a former flight attendant, the importance of drinking water when you’re in the air is key to keeping yourself healthy and alert. You become dehydrated quicker when flying. You should aim to drink ½ – 1 litre of water per hour in the air.  


Here are a few yummy recipes to spice up your water naturally.

Blueberry and Lime

Add ½ cup fresh blueberries and some fresh lime. 

Fill the glass with water

Fill your glass with ice

Muddle together

And enjoy 





Mint and lime

Add 3 fresh slices of lime to your glass and 3 mint leaves picked fresh from the garden, or supermarket. 

Add water to fill glass and muddle together, add ice and enjoy. 








Orange, Pineapple Mango

Add 2 slices of orange, 2 cubed pineapple, 2 diced mango to gladd

Add ice to fill the glass

Add water on top

Stir and enjoy


Let me know if you have any yummy ways to naturally flavour your water, or if you try any of these recipes out. 


Happy Summer 

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