Nutrition Coaching

The perfect 6 month meal plan coaching program for life-long results

Nutrition coaching mobile

Over the next 6 months, together we will set goals that will last a lifetime.

This is not a cookie cutter meal plan with low calories, this is a commitment to yourself and your health, to dive deep into mindset work and work with a coach who can educate through weekly calls and check ins and progress you forward.

Coaching is an investment and a relationship – you are paying for more than just a coach. This is an investment towards your personal development and creating positive behaviour changes that will allow you break barriers you’ve been living with for years, maintaining your progress for a lifetime.


What's Included?

This is a 6 month personalized macro plan that has customized targets based on your lifestyle.

  • Weekly check ins
  • Accountability
  • Unlimited email access
  • 24hr access to me via whatsapp
  • Access to a private facebook group
  • Nutrition education to help with tracking

Weekly, monthly and sometimes daily goals that will all lead up to the bigger goal. Weekly check ins with Kree will hold you accountable.

What is the cost?

Nutrition Coaching with Kree has a 6 MONTH MINIMUM COMMITMENT at $3000.

If you would like to work with me you can book a 15 minute complimentary discovery call.

Thinking about working with a macro coach?


  • Want a generic meal and list of food you can and can’t eat.
  • Think that hiring a nutrition coach comes with guaranteed automatic results
  • Believe macro coaching/counting is a quick fix 30 day diet approach
  • Feel a little sacrifice and hard work is too much for you to create results and lasting lifestyle changes


  • Are ready for honest feedback and willing to make an effort
  • Are ready to quit the endless restrictive dieting once and for all
  • Want to learn and educate yourself on how to maintain sustainable results.
  • Are ready to feel, look and perform at your peak and take the focus off the scale.