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Ready to live confidently and full of energy?

Anyone can tell you what to do or give you a fitness program and meal plan but do they give you the education, knowledge, accountability, check ins, and care that comes from my heart?! Instead of feeding you the fish, or even giving it to you, i will teach you how to fish so you can go off on your own.

Let see how we can work together to get you from feeling stuck, unmotivated, overweight, sluggish and tired, to living a well balanced life where you feel confident and full of energy and even lose the unwanted weight.


My Signature Program:
The Complete Wellness Overhaul
Available Anytime, Anywhere

This is for you if you want serious life changes. "Stuck in a rut" and looking for motivation and guidance. Have no idea where to start but have goals you want to reach by the summer? or for a special event? Or how about for life?

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By setting realistic timeline goals we will work together through mindset practices, workout routines and nutrition for a complete overhaul of your health.

This program is perfect for you if you:

  • Are ready to lose weight
  • Need accountability because you've tried it yourself and it's not working
  • Want to learn and educate yourself with the right information
  • Have a fear of the gym
  • Or feel mentally not strong enough to follow through with something

What's Included?

Heart rate monitor, custom calculated macros, 12-16 weeks of workout programs, Custom tracking of HRV, SLEEP, Heart Rate, RHR, Activity, Recovery, Weekly Goals and Weekly/Monthly Mindset Challenges (for all levels)

Ready to Completely Overhaul Your Wellness?

If you would like to work with me you can book a 15 minute complimentary discovery call.

In-Person Personal Training

One on one personal training is offered in The Blue Mountain, Collingwood, and surrounding areas.

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Personal Training is perfect for:

  • Muscle Building
  • Fat Loss
  • Nutrition/Meal Plans
  • Lifestyle Changes


  • Private in home session $100 + HST
  • Semi private session 2-3 people $65 per person +HST
  • Small group training 4+ people  $60 per person +HST


  • All rates are pre paid
  • Cancellations must be made within 24 hours in advance via text/call. Otherwise full session charges apply.

"I had reached out to Kree because I felt like I had hit a wall and had no energy. I was casually running and doing the odd HIIT workout, however it was not consistent. Kree asked me some questions and had me track my intake for two days. We decided it was not my diet, but my exercise routines. After two weeks I know I can continue to follow her challenging exercise along with cardio. I am getting my energy back and excited to continue my journey.

Kree was so approachable and reassured me that I could in fact do it and that results take time and hard work. She would check in to make sure I was following my program. Knowing how hard she works and her dedication to fitness was the motivation I needed! If you need a kickstart or have any questions about fitness or diet I would highly recommend Kree. She will create a program that suits YOU, challenges YOU and will guide YOU along the way."

- Andrea
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21 days to hardcore abs

Download my FREE 21 Day Workout Guide so that you can finally have those hard core abs you've been dreaming about!

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